Digital Collaboration

Digital Collaboration

Achieving the right Digital Outcome is a collaboration between the Digital Enablers and the Business Functions that require them.

Technology Delivery and Support functions in an enterprise have typically been order takers with an IT Service Management focused approach.  CIOs and CTOs and their direct reports echoing the mantra that IT must align to the business.  Digital consumers lamenting that IT is not responsive, too costly, or just not aligned to the business.

Digital capabilities are increasingly the norm as businesses seek to gain competitive advantage, increase Customer NPS and lower cost to serve, yet the Digital enablers (IT) are still asking the question… “how can we align to “the business”?  A phrase you would never hear echoed by non-IT Capability owners.

Pace of change, the availability of easy-to-engage cloud-based solutions and a growing shift to product-, platform-, or capability-based approaches coupled with engaging shadow IT are disinter-mediating IT Functions.

IT Service Management still has a place where the business of the organisation is providing Technology, i.e. Cloud and other Technology/Infrastructure providers. However, for organisations that need to enable or enhance their Capabilities a new model is long overdue.

How might we create an environment whereby IT Business Functions, as the producer and stewards of Digital Capabilities, and the Business Functions requiring them come together to create digital platforms as Capabilities that can be flexibly orchestrated?

Businesses that need to enable or refresh their Digital Capabilities should shift to a collaborative Capability-led and Technology-inspired Platform approach applying three filters – desirability, feasibility, and viability, to create Intentional Architectures and Roadmaps. This is where Business Capability & Information Architecture can, when adopted effectively, enable the shift to a more information-based approach.

Your Business Architecture should focus on the Business Capabilities that enable Value-based Outcomes.   Clearly identify the Features that they need to have enabled or improved.  Align these Features to Intent and Value (desirability) and then drive the conversation on how best to achieve the digital outcome (feasibility) at the right price (viability) to meet the business case.

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