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We provide consulting services to your organisation’s Strategic Planning and Enterprise Architecture functions.

Our focus is on the areas that enable the Strategy Planning and Enterprise Architecture functions to act as the stewards of Desirability, Feasibility and Viability:

  • Fostering the right collaboration between the Business Functions that enable Digital Journeys and the Business Functions that require them.
  • Reshaping your Strategic Planning functions adopting a Capability-led and Technology-inspired approach to identify the right digital enablers.
  • Digitising the flow of information from Strategy to Outcome to provide data-driven insights to Strategic Planning, Architecture and Delivery

Fostering Collaborative Digital Outcomes

Business and IT alignment strategies are destined to fail for two reasons:

  • they are reactive at the core and do not create an atmosphere of collaboration,
  • digital enablement is not about alignment.

At Griffin Road we believe that achieving the right digital outcomes requires a product/platform approach anchored around Capability and Information Architecture that brings Strategic Planning, Enterprise Architecture and Digital Delivery functions together to create Digital Capabilities that are outcome and value aligned.

Talk to us about reshaping your Strategic Planning functions that drive the right value-aligned outcomes.

Feature-Driven Capability-Based Strategic Planning

The Strategic Planning and Enterprise Architecture functions need to act collaboratively as the stewards of Desirability, Feasibility and Viability.  This is accomplished by taking a Capability & Information Architecture based approach that clearly identifies the Features and Information required to digitally enable, extend or enhance Business Functions to realise Digital Outcomes.

We then tie the identified outcomes to value delivered over time establishing a Capability-based Road Map that guides Discovery.  This allows you to drive the right things into the delivery machine delivering the right things at the right time to tip your Value Drivers.

Digital Enablers

Modelling & Visualisation

Digital Transformation requires a comprehensive end-to-end view of your planning context whether it be a department, enterprise or ecosystem.

We leverage leading Business Capability and Information Architecture tools to accelerate your Business Architecture linking Strategy to Capability and the Information Technology enablers that realise your digital outcomes.

Our toolkit includes pre-built and customisable industry models that kick start your Business Capability & Information Architecture allowing you to focus on identifying the differentiating Value Streams, enabling Features and Business Outcomes that tip your Value Drivers.


Effective Strategic Planning, whether it be at the enterprise, program, or initiative level requires collaborative workshops across a wide range of stakeholders.

Facilitating the right engagement and capturing the right information that informs the planning process and drives the right outcomes is critical to the success of your initiatives.

We take a digital approach to workshops enabling the use of the right information at the right time for effortless and effective facilitation.  Information inherent to your strategic plans can be inputs to workshops or the outcomes from these workshops can be utilised directly in the Architecture and Planning tools effectively digitising the end-to-end planning process.